Great Taste on Toast


Great Taste on Toast

Make beans on toast special with Branston Baked Beans! Not only are they saucy and delicious, they’re low in fat, high in fibre, and one of your 5 a day. For the simple classic you’ll need:

Serves: 4

4 slices of white or brown bread
A good knob of butter

And don't forget the special ingredient...
2x 410g tins Branston Baked Beans

Step 1

Empty your beans into a saucepan and warm through.

Step 2

Toast your bread while the beans are heating up

Step 3

Butter your toast, cut into triangles and pour the beans over.

Try giving it a twist:

- Grated mature cheddar does wonders when serving.

- Chop up some mushrooms and tomatoes and drop them into the pot alone with the beans. A little crushed black pepper will add just a touch of heat when serving.

- For a Tex-Mex twist, add ½ tsp paprika in with the beans. When your toast is buttered, try slicing up half an avocado, then placing it on the toast before the beans are poured on.

- Branston Baked Beans’ famous sauciness means a tin or two can quickly and easily be turned into a wonderful bean casserole. Simply add a teaspoon of olive oil into your pot. Slice up a handful of Spanish Chorizo and cook for 5 minutes. Then add the beans!

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